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Do you know 5 tips for buying LED line lights?

At present, there are many manufacturers of lamps and lanterns, so how to choose a good lamp manufacturer is very important. The following are some key points from Forever editor who has 10 years experience in lighting industry.


LED line lights are generally used for building that with different outline lighting installations. Different places will have different effect, based on the selected line lights. To choose LED line lights, you can start with the product itself, mainly looking into the following points:

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There are many inferior glues in the market sold by the name of Waterproof PU Glue. In addition to its poor waterproof performance, and easy to get yellow and dark, the price is also quite different from normal waterproof PU glue. If its color comes to change to yellow after one year, then this is not a good option.




When the regular manufacturers choose the aluminum material of the linear light, they will consider the heat dissipation performance first. If the aluminum material wants to be not easily deformed and has good heat dissipation, you can choose an appropriate thickness. Those ultra-thin aluminum material is easy to deform and heat dissipation is not good.




The well-known chip brands in the industry, such as Cree, Preh, Osram, etc., are relatively expensive, and some domestic chip brands have been tested and improved for many years, resulting in a good technology. You can choose some domestic ones according to your budget. For brand, you can do some site visit and research, listen to the voice from the industry.


  4、The Selection of Circuit Boards


No matter it is a glass fiber board or an aluminum substrate, as long as it is stable, it can be a good choice. But now most of the good line lights use aluminum substrates.

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  5、Waterproof Connector


Waterproof connector is critical. Some are expensive and some are cheap. The cheap ones are relatively poor in waterproof and conductive, and they are easy to enter water and cause leakage. You can choose the more expensive ones with better stability. Basically, the four-pin plug is a recommended option, although its price is higher, but the overall stability can reach 99% waterproof, and the 1% may not be plugged tightly.


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