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Analysis Of The Main Market Scope For Lighting Industry

The lighting industry is still in a blue ocean market for cross-border e-commerce, and the numbers of sellers and products are extremely small. From the scale of the global lighting market, the proportion of the global lighting market continued to increase from 2012 to 2017. From the perspective of proportion, household lighting accounted for 39%, which is a large share; followed by office lighting, accounting for 16%; outdoor lighting and store lighting, which are 15% and 11%. All of the are accounted for more than 10%. The market share of hospital lighting, architectural lighting and industrial lighting is still below 10%, which is a low proportion.

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Seen from regional distribution, China, Europe and the United States are the three main markets. The Chinese lighting market accounts for up to 22% of the global market; the European market also accounts for about 22%; followed by the United States, with a market share of 21% . Japan accounts for 6%, mainly because of the territory. Actually the LED industry in Japan is fully matured, so its increase rate is smaller than what in China, Europe and the United States.


With the development of the global market, China has gradually become the world’s factory for lighting and electrical products, which are exported to more than 220 countries and regions, sharing more that 50% global market. In recent years, with the rapid advancement of technology at all ends of the industries, LED lighting manufacturers have further improved their cost-effectiveness and gradually extended to various fields, bring a new opportunity for the rapid growth of lighting exports.RV lights

  The overseas market trend of lighting is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


  1. Like the traditional lighting business, the United States is still unshakable and far ahead as the number one export market for Chinese LED lighting products;


  • North American and European markets are still in a very important position;


  • Markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia are growing rapidly;


  • The BRICS market in Russia is gradually growing.



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