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Lighting market competition and Internet + bring e-commerce industry

As an emerging thing in recent years, LED technology has brought revolutionary and subversive changes in the lighting industry, and it has also brought lighting companies to an era that requires comprehensive upgrades. With the gradual maturity of LED lighting technology, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Faced with the current situation of the industry with serious product homogeneity, overcapacity, and competitive price, the Lighting factories will pay more and more attention to brand reputation. Moreover, with the rapid popularization of the Internet from PC to mobile, the user groups have gradually changed their consumption habits, especially the new generation of consumers.

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As I explained and analyzed the domestic channels and products of the industry before, when the products of the industry developed to the stage based on lighting value, many conceptual and creative products appeared because of the thinking of LED and Internet. The lighting industry has fully entered the LED era and the mobile Internet era. In order to adapt to this trend, lighting manufacturers are facing the reform and innovation of business models that are closely related to Internet thinking.


In recent years, various industries have begun to talk about industry segmentation, such as Internet +, and our LED Lighting industry is not exceptional. Some lighting dealer or lighting dealer circles have spent a lot of money to build their own independent e-commerce platforms, or third-party industry e-commerce platforms, so platforms like O2O, B2B2C, F2B, F2C and other models make lighting merchants multifarious. Today I try to talk about O2O and spot platforms that are more popular among so many keywords from a personal point of view (There might be some other expressions for O2O with almost the same meaning.)

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However, manufacturers who always deal with traditional lighting in the early days of the industry all know very well that price transparency will not only have an immeasurable impact on technology and retail channels, but also bring conflicts to the original channel structure of the manufacturers themselves and cause interest impairment to dealers. The price of online and offline is a big trouble, and it is very important to work on it properly.


Manufacturers want to sell products online, but at the same time, they are inseparable from offline channel merchants. Whether it is experience or sales, offline is indispensable. With the investment of human and product materials , it is difficult to set up the same price for online and offline products. Therefore, price balance is one of the urgent problems to be solved by e-commerce platforms.



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